Global vessel movements for marine management at your finger tip.

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Satellite and terrestrial AIS, VMS and GPS data (GSM, Globalstar, ORBCOMM) – all real time in one analytical platform.

  • Combine your vessel tracks with geografic data as bathymetry, seamounts, corall reefs or marine protected areas.
  • Add geopolitical data like Ports, EEZ, RFMO or FAO.
  • Run analytical algorithms to get the right understanding of complex data.
  • Extend your results with global coverage of satellite based wave, wind and chlorophyll data.
  • Downloadable data sets for your local working environment.
  • Extend seeOcean with your own VMS or GPS data sources and combine it fluently with AIS data back to 2009 (global coverage).

seeOcean brings the world together for a a better management of marine resources.

You miss something? We offer customised service to meet your needs in marine management. seeOcean is designed to be modular and extendable.

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With seeOcean we offer our partners global coverage to AIS and VMS analytics for marine management and surveillance. seeOcean is a web based vessel track explorer with global coverage of satellite and terrestrial AIS data from today back to 2009. You can add smartTrack data (GSM/GPS) or VMS data depending on your needs. It allows you to analyse vessel traffic in the context of MPA (Marine Protected Areas), RFMO (Regional Fishery Management Organisations), EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zones), Ports, Transshipment occurences or AIS device configurations like the on/off status.

seeOcean allows you to get a better understanding of how transparent vessels in your region are.

Analytics includes bathymetry, wind speed, wave status and chlorophyll with global coverage and within your personal configurations.


You can use seeOcean within a browser on a standard PC or  Tablet.

seeOcean creates complete automatic reports for you with warnings for faster decision making.

You can add your own GIS layers based on local needs and you can set up own projects with limited user access.

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