Technology Development For Human And Nature

navama® was founded in 2011 and has since been part in many successfull customer and conservation projects.

We developed the web based marine vessel tracking analytic platform seeOcean, which was for many years used by all our partners all around the globe.  A film about seeOcean you can see here. To support small scale fisheries with tracking solutions, we established smartTrack and integrated it into seeOcean. As the analytical requirements got more and more detailed we moved from an automatic analytical tool to a service based concept. With our data analytical experience  we support the sustainable and transparent use of marine  and land resources in many succesfull and innovative projects.

Together with WWF, fisheries and food suppliers we developed methods to support an open and transparent use of natural resources and give public insight into this process (for more information see our transparentSea service)

Over the years we focused our service and moved from software and application development towards data analytics for nature conservation. This allows us to stay dedicated within nature conservation project work only. Mainly as we can keep now the costs low and adapt flexible to our customer situations.

Solutions we find together. Our approach is partner oriented. We seek for each project a NGO, government or industrial partner to facilitate an effective change for more nature in modern live.

Technology  for nature conservation and data analysis is our core competences combined with a strong biological science background.


navama team 2015 - hiking in the alps

navama team 2015 – hiking in the alps


For more information to get consulting or data analysis support, feel free to contact us here.

navama – mountain team meeting 2016
Sebastian, Lioba, Jonathan, Simon, Yvonne, Kajsa


Technologie Entwicklung für Mensch und Natur.