smartTrack – Low cost, low maintenance, robust tracking devices

A project in which navama tests and installs various GPS positioning systems on artisanal vessels, supplied with solar power where necessary

smartTrack supports small scale and artisanal fisheries who seek better access to efficient and affordable sustainability certification processes. Access to certification is for small fisheries often expensive and therefore unfeasible. For this and other reasons, they are displaced by the big industrial fisheries from the market.

We want to offer an alternative to this development. An essential prerequisite for sustainable fishery monitoring is transparency of fishing activity. This is usually accomplished, using the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) but VMS is very expensive to buy and maintain, big and has a high power consumption. All of which make it unsuitable for the monitoring of small-scale fisheries.

This is why we started to develop along with several hardware manufacturers low-cost solutions for small-scale fishers. Optimized and adjusted to the environment and the need of the individual fisheries the hardware can be used in diverse settings. We aim to keep the operating costs low while not compromising on the reliability. All devices have a real time data connection to a server and can be accessed and analysed with seeOcean.