Maximal transparency for fish catch, fish products and sea food along the entire supply chain “from catch to plate” – that is, what smartFish stands for.

Intact ecosystems und the protection of biodiversity on land and sea as well as the sustainble use of our natural ressources – that is our aim. With smartFish navama has developed modern methods and techniques to promote a resposible trade with fish, fish products und sea food.

Our Mission:

  • Transparency along the entire supply chain “from catch to plate”
  • Promotion of sustainable management of marine ressources
  • End of Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported Fishing (IUU Fishing)

Our Service:

  • Provision of satellite technology and data analysis
  • Certification Systems for sustainable fish, fish products and sea food
  • Provision of a reliable quality seal for marketing


Sustainability becomes more and more important for consumers. This trend corresponds to the increasing number of certification schemes for fish and fish products. However, there is a lack of comprehensive information about the protection of the environment and sustainability even for certified products. Therefore theses certification schemes are non-transparent and, in the consequence, not reliable. As such, they haven’t got the potential of becoming an effective instrument for the market.



smartFish offers a solution:

smartFish offers maximal transparency for fish, fish products and sea food along the entire supply chain “from catch to plate” including the up to now quite obscure part of the chain between catch and harbour. The information platform of smartFish provides all relevant data about origin, fishery, processing etc. with respect to environmental protection and sustainability. It guarantees a comprehensive traceability.



smartFish is based on high performance analysis from seeOcean, an analytical toolbox providing measures for verifying and validating fishing activities at sea. Using satellite tracking data boats and vessels are monitored with regard to their compliance referring to specific environmental standards. Thus, smartFish offers a reliable certification seal with guarantee of origin to fisheries, the fishing industry, traders and retailers, as well as to goverments and consumers.
The seal on the package indicates the partners supporting smartFish including a QR-Code for consumers to get all information instantly via smart phone directly at the point of sale. Hereby, smartFish does not only promote transparency of fish trade but also raises the consumer’s awarness for the protection of the environment and sustainability. As such smartFish contributes to the protection of marine ecosystems and to the preservation of the existing fish stock.