transparentSea – it’s time to say good bye …


… and realize new ideas. Finally we have decided to close our technical services and developments within transparentSea. The project started in 2011 with our partner WWF. Ten exciting years with great partners and various satellite projects brought us a lot of insight into challenges and needs to protect the oceans and marine live. We deeply beleive, that our technical contributions helped to improve the situation in marine protection. On the other hand, we are aware, that there is still a long way to go. We within navama did come to the conclusion, that the next section of this long path is no longer a technical problem. In our view, it is much more a mind set problem. And here on we will focus our next nature protection actvities.

A special thanks goes to our partner WWF Italy, who supported us the last two years in cooperation with Bolton Alimentari, to create transparency in international tuna fisheries. Bolton supply chain fisheries voluntarly shared their vessel activity tracks, which we analysed on there behalf. A huge step forward to a more transparent marine management. When I started in 2010 with this technical approach, fishery VMS data has been the most hidden information for nature protection initiatives and NGOs. We made it possible via AIS and subsequently shared and voluntarly shared “public” VMS fishery track data. At least the proof of concept is more then done.

Stay tuned and again thank you to all who supported us over the last 10 years in this technical service and transparenSea initiative.