Data Analytics For Nature Conservation

We offer innovative data analytic services for nature conservation.

Environmental education using new media and technology

Mountain river landscapes: Living manifoldness from Ammersee to Zugspitze. Together with 17 partners we work on the preservation of biodiversity in alpine river regions. The joint project is funded by the Bundesamt für Naturschutz and the Bayerischer Naturschutzfond. – fisheries voluntarily share their AIS, VMS or GPS track

A platform which offers fisheries worldwide the possibility to register and make their fishing activities transparent. Position transparency is the basis for a sustainable fishery management. A joined project with WWF.

venGo - your walk into nature.

A free geo-referenced blog portal with an integrated smartphone app. Learn, teach and discover nature. Raise awareness and sensitise for conservation.

alpine riverlandscape 360 degrees

View the beauty of alpine river landscapes. The 360 degree view with no loss

Technology for nature. Take part and join our projects.

Technology for nature conservation. Our goal is to combine technology, innovation and communication into an effective strategy of change for a more sustainable world. Together with partners we work on projects in nature conservation, always keeping an eye on social and economic needs. You want to be part of the change? Join us and help to build a more sustainable future? Just contact us. Nature is where the future lies.

GIS Data Analytics

GIS Data Analytics
Geografic Information Systems: Data Analytics, Consulting and Service – flexible, innovative, competetive


Map My Track: Fisheries voluntarly share their AIS, VMS or GPS track for TransparentSea. Transparency of catch positions is the basics for a sustainable monitoring. A joined initiative of WWF and navama.


venGo - find your point. Location based nature Information. A voice for more nature in modern live. Join and follow us. At the moment only in german language available

Technology for nature. Waiting for you to join!

navama - technology for nature.
Innovation, development and communication for more nature in modern society.

Visit our new imaging project River landscapes 360 without cuttings

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