smartTrack in Senegal

Dakar, Senegal, 12.11.2016

Projection: Equirectangular (2) FOV: 360 x 85 Ev: 0,00

To support sustainable management of small-scale fisheries in countries with low earnings navama – technology for nature is piloting various GPS positioning devices with fisheries in Senegal. Solar driven, battery powered and on-board power supply low-cost devices are tested in combination with GSM networks and satellite networks from Globalstar and Orbcomm. img_20161107_122917_sAll tested devices support seeOcean as an integrated platform to analyze and monitor AIS, VMS and smartTrack signals in the img_20161109_105235_scontext of nature conservation and to support transparency for experts and NGOs in marine management. The project is done in joint cooperation with IUCN and WWF. All devices are installed and are sending “real time” signals to seeOcean.  After a 6 month trial period we will analyze results and develop next steps to a low-cost monitoring device for sustainable fisheries. It is  a pleasure for the team of local fisheries, IUCN, WWF an navama to work in a joint effort for a better and more transparent management of marine resources. Together we develop solutions for a better world.