smartTrack starts sending signals

smartTrack  4 week trial on Ammersee

smartTrack 4 week trial on Ammersee

navama supports and integrates hardware solutions for more Transparency in fisheries. Besides analysis and visualisation of AIS and VMS data, navama also works on cost-efficient solutions for small scale fisheries. For this we integrate various solutions into TransparentSea and seeOcean. With this small scale fisheries can get low cost access to sustainability certificates. Screenshot from 2015-08-11 12:38:37
In July and August we have successfully developed and tested a GPS and GSM network based solution for a small-scale fishery on the Ammersee, a lake in Upper Bavaria . The unit was tested for four continuous weeks, without interruption or errors, sending regular position signals. As a complete autonomous device, it was powered by a solar-panel, exposed to sun and rain and didn’t show any signs of failure. We are pleased with these promising results and will make them available to our partners in the next couple of Month. A small step towards a greater change because transparency is the prerequisite to guarantee more sustainability.